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Hold My Flavor, L.L.C. is taking the world of Urban / Hip Hop dancing to a new level having developed a series of dance instruction classes named Urban Body Mechanics™.  Our professional dance instructors provide private, group, and master dance class instruction to students of all ages.

Urban Body Mechanics™ is built upon the study of four core dance styles:

Mechanics of Choreography:  Step into the motion and musical expression of hip hop choreography at a high energy and intense pace.  Students will learn:

  • Basic movements in the form of 2-4 8 counts of choreography sequences at a time.
  • How to accent as well as manipulate sequences of choreography to various tempos & genres of music.
  • Creative expression through hip hop funk styles and free form contemporary movement.
  • Utilization of muscle groups, energy placement & basic showmanship.
  • Learn to express your dreams on the dance floor and shine through the crowd.

Popping/Boogaloo:  Take a step back in time, and learn how to bounce, twist, and pop your muscles just like the Electric Boogaloos as seen on Soul Train!  Students will learn:

  • How to do basic steps to various music genres.
  • Grooving and transitioning.
  • Ability to tense and relax muscles rhythmically.
  • How to breathe and pace your dancing.
  • Terminology of the Popping and Boogaloo styles.
  • History about the culture behind these styles.
  • How to utilize and love the body you have!

Breaking:  Gravity does not exist when exploring the movements of this style. From spinning on your head to rocking the beat, come find yourself in one of the four original elements of Hip Hop.  Students will learn:

  • TopRock, DownRock, Freezes, and Powermoves.
  • Musicality and Techniques.
  • History and Timeline of Breaking.
  • Drills.
  • Stretching for Dance Style.
  • Conceptual Work (Creating Moves from Foundation).

Animation/ControlBecome like an illusion on the dance floor through your own body mechanics and learn out of this world control!  Students will learn:

  • How to pantomime or appear illusionary with motions.
  • How to control breathing and muscle explosiveness to alternate rhythm and flow.
  • Angles and combining of basic body motions.
  • How to convey emotion and expression with techniques learned in class.

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